The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Due to the Coronavirus

The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Due to the Coronavirus

If you were looking to get your hands on The Outer Worlds for Switch next month, you'll now have to wait a bit longer.

It seems that the coronavirus is causing all sorts of issues in the video game industry recently. After it was reported earlier today that the disease has now impacted Nintendo’s ability to ship products across Japan, the virus has now delayed the launch of The Outer Worlds on Switch as well.

Publisher Private Division announced this afternoon on Twitter that due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Switch port of The Outer Worlds has now been pushed back to an unspecified date. Virtuos, a developer based in China, which is the primary location in which the coronavirus has been spreading, is the studio behind the port for Switch. Because of the outbreak, Virtuos’ offices have recently been closed, meaning that they weren’t going to be able to hit the game’s previously announced launch date of March 6, 2020.

This update on the Switch version comes about merely one week after Private Division had announced the launch date for The Outer Worlds on the platform. Clearly, the past week has been hectic at the publisher and the team at Virtuos though and has forced them to make this decision only a month out from release.

If there is one positive note in all of this, however, Private Division did also announce today that the physical version of The Outer Worlds on Switch will now come in the form of a cartridge. When first announced last week, the physical version was only going to come with a download code that you would redeem on the Switch eShop to download the game. With more time to now work on the game, Private Division says it will not be able to release the game on a physical cartridge, which will likely please many fans.

It’s been a bit staggering to see an illness like the coronavirus have so many wide-reaching effects on the video game industry over the past few weeks, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry with something as dangerous as this. We’ll keep you posted if a new launch date for the Switch edition of The Outer Worlds comes about soon.