The Pathless Receives New Gameplay Trailer During State of Play

During PlayStation's State of Play showcase, we got a new look at The Pathless, a PlayStation 5 game from the developer of 2016's Abzu.

During PlayStation’s State of Play showcase, Annapurna Interactive and developer Giant Squid debuted a new trailer for The Pathless.

The six-minute trailer gives players an overview of what to expect from the game.  One of the key points in the trailer is how fluid the main character moves around. If you shoot talismans, which are floating objects in the world, you’ll fill up your dash meter. We also get a look at your eagle companion and how it helps you navigate the world and its dense forests. Additionally, we see how the character’s mask helps you scan the environment around you and highlights points on the map.

As for gameplay, the trailer shows off giant spirits that fill the world with darkness. These creatures will try to separate you from your eagle and it’s up to you to hide from it. They’re also invunerable which makes encounters more intense.

The Pathless is all about finding your own way forward, so an open world design fit the experience and themes perfectly,” said Matt Nava, creative director at Giant Squid via the PlayStation Blog. “We wanted to encourage players to explore organically and develop an understanding of the space as they play, which led us to break convention with most open world games in a few key ways: There’s no fast travel, there’s no map, and there’s no game over.”

In addition to The Pathless, we also got a look at Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time, Hitman III, and Bugsnax during State of Play. The Pathless was first announced during the Game Awards in 2018. The last game developer Giant Squid developed was Abzu which released in 2016.

The Pathless launches on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Apple Arcade, and PC later this year. You can watch PlayStation’s State of Play stream below if you missed it. As more news comes out about Pathless and other PlayStation 5 games, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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