The Pedestrian Makes Its Way to PS4 Next January

The Pedestrian brings its unique mix of puzzles and platforming to PS4 early next year.

By Ricky Frech

August 6, 2020

Skookum Arts dropped their puzzle game The Pedestrian on PC earlier this year to solid reviews. The game is a great-looking 2.5D puzzle platformer that has you rearranging signs in a city to get through each level. And, around a year after the original release, the game is coming to PS4 in January 2021. Give the State of Play trailer a watch below.

The Pedestrian brings that perfect mix of puzzle and platforming. Obviously, the platforming action is a pretty standard affair. It’s not going to completely blow your mind, but it’s quality. However, by adding in the ability to move around the signs to solve puzzles adds a new layer of strategy. It might not be up everyone’s alley, but if you’re into puzzle games, I would definitely give this one a look.

The one potential negative that I’ve seen in reading about the game is that it might be a little short. That said, I’m always a fan of games that don’t overstay their welcomes. Nothing is worse than a game that runs out of new things for you to do and then asks you to do it over and over again for 20 hours. So, I’ll take a shorter experience if it’s a tight one.

The Pedestrian comes to PS4 in January 2021. If you just can’t wait, the game is currently available on PC. No word yet on PS5, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it head to Sony’s latest platform at some point next year.

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