The Pegasus Dream Tour Announced by the Paralympic Committee; Directed by Ex-Final Fantasy Director Hajime Tabata

Official Paralympics Sports RPG The Pegasus Dream Tour is developed by JP Games, Hajime Tabata's new studio.

April 12, 2019

The International Paralympic Committee revealed today the official Tokyo 2020 Paralympics video game, titled The Pegasus Dream Tour, developed by Hajime Tabata’s JP GamesThe game’s platforms weren’t revealed yet, but we already know it’ll get a worldwide release in 2020. The awesome artwork above can be found on The Pegasus Dream Tour‘s official site, which is currently still in teaser mode.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is a “Sports RPG” set in a virtual metropolis called “Pegasus City” holding a new type of Paralympics Games. All its inhabitants hold special abilities called “Extra Power”. In his comments, Tabata mentioned that The Pegasus Dream Tour isn’t a “pure sports” game but will focus heavily on RPG elements as well, the specialty of his newfound studio.


Another important point to note is The Pegasus Dream Tour is the first ever official Paralympic video game. It was created by the IPC in order to make the Paralympics more recognized, especially among youths around the world.

Hajime Tabata left Square Enix and the development of Final Fantasy XV‘s Episodes DLC in November 2018, leading to the cancellation of all upcoming Episode DLC but Episode Ardyn. In his message announcing his departure from Square Enix, Tabata mentioned he was planning to create his own new development studio. He revealed back in December that studio as JP Games. The Pegasus Dream Tour is the first project revealed by the studio.

Sega is in charge of the other Tokyo 2020 Olympic official games, and four different games were announced during Sega Fes 2019 at the end of March: most notably a realistic sports game titled Tokyo 2020 Olympic The Official Video Game, and a new Mario & Sonic: Mario & Sonic At Tokyo Olympics

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