The PlayRoom VR Update Adds New Game: Toy Wars

The PlayRoom VR Update Adds New Game: Toy Wars

SIE Japan Studio revealed today on PlayStation Blog that they have updated The PlayRoom VR, adding a new game: Toy Wars.

Toy Wars is a free four-player cooperative tower defense style game set in a base under the bedroom of the game’s hero. Players must fend off against waves of enemies, as if the VR player is hit even a single time, the game is over.

The main VR player is mounted on a swivel chair, and is armed with a Gatling gun that shoots soft plastic bullets to defend themself. Those playing on the TV take control of mechs piloted by the VR Bots, with each mech having a unique charge attack.

In our Editor’s Review Guide to PlayStation VR Games and Applications, DualShockers recommended that players buy the game, saying “the game serves as a perfect jumping-off point to virtual reality skeptics at any age.”

You can look at some screenshots of the new mode below. The PlayRoom VR is a PlayStation VR exclusive.