The PlayStation 2 Turns Nine

The PlayStation 2 launched on October 26th 2000, and I was a child aged 13 and in the 6th grade (I was held back in Kindergarten). I remember seeing commercials for the PlayStation 2 and BEGGING my parents–along with my three brothers–to buy us a PlayStation 2 for Christmas, even though it was over 2 months away. Up to that point, I had only owned Nintendo consoles, and after playing my cousins PlayStation 1, I knew that Sony was a company that was going to be my new best friend (plus they had Final Fantasy).

So Christmas 2000 rolled around, and after spending a month searching for our gifts, we did not see a PlayStation2. After all the gifts were distributed, there was a sense of defeat in the air, Christmas 2000 was over and we were PlayStation 2-less. That is, until my grandmother had to go outside for a quick minute. When she returned inside, she came bearing a sizeable wrapped box, after taking off the wrapping paper, the box was for a blender, WHAT THE HELL WOULD WE DO WITH A BLENDER! At that point my dad and mom started laughing uncontrollably as well as the rest of the adults. After the laughter stopped, they told us to open the box before we lost our cool. We opened the box, and there it was, a PlayStation 2 Entertainment System, 3 additional controllers, 4 memory cards, DVD Remote and IR Sensor and Armored Core 2, SSX, Midnight Club, and Tekken Tag Tournament. I remember being one of the only kids in my class to have one, and getting asked if people could come over and play. As a kid, I had no friends, so with everyone wanting to get in on some PS2 playing, I promptly told them to frak off.

The PlayStation 2 was a console that had a mountain of games, at this point it has over 10,000 games from over 485 Developers. Another fun fact is that 1 in every 3 American homes have a PlayStation 2 in their possession. With over 140 million systems sold, the consoles of this generation still have a long way to go to catch up.

The PlayStation 2 is really the console that started the casual gamer movement that Nintendo is now known for. The greatest thing about the PlayStation 2 is that there was a constant stream of games for every type of gamer. Hardcore and casual gamers lived in a state of harmony under the rule of the PlayStation 2. There were great franchises established on the PlayStation 2, many of which are still dominant today, such as , Killzone, Ratchet and Clank, Devil May Cry, Jak and Daxter, and Socom.

The PlayStation 2 shows that Sony truly can build a 10 year console. At year 9, there is a slowdown of sales, but the sales are still extremely noteworthy, especially considering the age of the console. At $99, the PlayStation is a great value, and new games still release on the platform.

Most gamers can recall countless numbers of games on the PlayStation 2 that you HAD TO PLAY. Having games that players recommend make it great to still be able to purchase a PlayStation 2 for so cheap. Also, with no backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 3 in sight, there will always be an audience for the PlayStation 2 (although I would much rather see PS2 B/C on the PS3).

The PlayStation 2 is a console that holds a special spot in my heart. It was the console that really got me playing more than JRPGs (although it has a KILLER collection of them), and it gave me hours of enjoyment. It was my friend when no one else was there, and it was one of the most dependable devices that I have ever owned. Thank you Sony.

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Evan Velez

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