The Pokemon Company International Unveils Latest Creature, Volcanion

on December 14, 2015 11:14 AM

Though things have been relatively quiet from the Pokemon main series lately, a brand new mythical creature has been officially unveiled in a new trailer uploaded by the Pokemon Company International. It features Volcanion, a fire-and-water type creature, the first of its kind. Though this monster was leaked a long time ago, its official reveal most likely means an event distribution is coming soon.

Check out Volcanion in action:

Unlike any Pokémon discovered before it, this Pokémon is both Fire and Water type. It uses fire and water to create steam within its body, expelling explosive shock waves and boiling steam from the arms on its back. The power is said to be great enough to blow away an entire mountain, gouging out the earth and changing the shape of the land.

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