The Pokemon-Themed Nintendo Direct Released a Bevy of News: Mega Evolutions, Online Features and More

The Pokemon-Themed Nintendo Direct Released a Bevy of News: Mega Evolutions, Online Features and More

The Nintendo Pokemon Direct first delves into the history of Pokemon, especially focusing on the the wired and wireless connection methods (remember those long Game Link cables?). Naturally, this trip down memory lane segways into two brand new features for Pokemon X and Y, called the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter.

Pokemon Bank, a software that can be downloaded to the 3DS, creates a box stored on the internet which increases the amount of Pokemon that can be stored to 3,000, with each box holding 100 Pokemon each.  This allows players to keep their stored Pokemon around forever and not simply in the game cartridge. Pokemon Bank uses Cloud storage in order to support this feature. According to Iwata and the other Pokemon developers, they came up with the idea after realizing how much players wanted to be able to keep the Pokemon they trained and raised. Players must pay an annual fee for the service, to fund maintenance costs and additional compatible versions later down the line. There will be a free trial period directly after the release of the software, though. Another downloadable software, Poke Transporter, lets players transfer Pokemon Black and White, and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Pokemon to Pokemon X and Y.

We find out that not only will players receive one of the Kalos region starters but also one of the original starter Pokemon from Red and Blue version. Also, these three starters will have their own Mega evolutions: MegaCharizard, MegaBlastoise and MegaVenusaur. Mega evolution is revealed to be instigated by a black bracelet called the Mega Ring that the trainer wears, which connects with the Pokemon’s Mega Stone and causing the evolution during battle.

Finally there’s great news for North American fans: the previously Japan only Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL bundle will now be available here on September 27th.

The English subtitled version of the Nintendo Pokemon Direct has been posted below. There’s also a nice gallery of images from the official Pokemon site showing off the Pokemon Bank, Poke Transporter and the newly revealed Mega Evolutions. Check out the official website here for even more information on online features and evolution abilities and stat changes.