The PS3 Exclusive Trinity Universe Is Now Available

The PS3 Exclusive Trinity Universe Is Now Available


The highly anticipated PS3 RPG Trinity Universe has gone on sale. The game was released  in October of last year in Japan, and has spent the last 8 months being localized for worldwide release.

Trinity U. has a lot to live up to. Essentially a crossover, the game features characters from the Atelier and Disgaea game series. A number of well known JRPG developers collaborated to create this title. Gust Corporation is the creator of the Atelier and Ar tonelico games.

Idea Factory is the developer of the Spectral Force series and the recently localized Record of Agarest War. Nippon Ichi Software(NIS) also contributed to development and is the publisher of many localized titles including Phantom Brave, GrimGrimoire, Blade Dancer, Soul Nomad, Rhapsody, Makai Kingdom, and Mana Khemia.

The game is published in the states by NIS America and the original publisher is Idea Factory. Fans lucky enough live in or fly out to Los Angeles can play Trinity U. at the Anime Expo. NISA will be at booth number 206. Trinity Universe is available at retailers as of June 29,2010.