The PS4 Is Officially One Year Old Right Now: Let’s Remember the Best Moments of its Launch

The PS4 Is Officially One Year Old Right Now: Let’s Remember the Best Moments of its Launch

It’s midnight on the East Coast, and exactly 365 days ago the count down hit zero at the US launch event in New York, and the PlayStation 4 was unleashed on the world.

Back then this new generation was still full of questions, and people didn’t know that Sony’s new console would take the market by storm, shipping over 13.5 million unit and selling through over ten million just a year.

That fateful night there many things happened, but let’s remember the best moments together.

Standing in line


Sony had announced that a limited quantity of PS4 consoles would be available at the event for those that didn’t pre-order. Of course many went to stand in line, ready to grab the shiny new console.

 One of Jack Tretton’s last appearances as President of SCEA


This was one of the last public events in which former SCEA President Jack Tretton appeared in that role. He would leave the company in March.

The light Show


The Standard Hotel in New York was turned into a giant PS4 by a rather fetching light show.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is finally revealed

It’s Uncharted. Need to say more? At that time we didn’t yet know its full title, that would be released only at E3 several months later, but speculation immediately set the internet aflame.

Shuhei Yoshida teases

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida used a series of catchwords to tease what Sony’s first party studios are doing. None of those games has officially been announced yet, but here they are: Guerrilla Games – “Epic,” Sony Bend – “Panic,”  Media Molecule – “Extraordinary.” Sony Santa Monica was also included in the bunch. What was Shu teasing? Only time will tell.


Shu doesn’t remember if The Last Guardian is for PS3 or PS4 (yeah, sure…)


Shuhei Yoshida mentioned that The Last Guardian is still in development, but he “didn’t recall” if it is on PS3 or PS4. Even now we’re still in the dark.

Shu does the Banderas


This one really doesn’t need any explanation, does it?

The first PlayStation Owner, Joey Chiu is introduced


Joey was in line since the day prior at 9 AM, even if the folks at Sony allowed him to go home and held his place. It was a really cold day.

The count down

The first PS4 gets delivered in the hands of its lucky owner


Jack Tretton and Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House deliver the first PS4 in the hands of Joey Chiu. Another “Banderas” is inevitable.

Now that the PS4 is officially one year old, it’s time to look ahead. With a large and growing installed base and quite a lot of games already announced for the next year, the future seems bright. Where will the console be on its second birthday? I’ll let you know in 365 days.

In the meanwhile, If you want to fully reminisce, you can check out the full recording of the launch event below: