The PS4 is Two Years Old: Happy Birthday PS4!

The PS4 is Two Years Old: Happy Birthday PS4!

Exactly two years ago, the PS4 launched in North America with a big release event held in New York. For the first time, a Sony console launched first in the west than in Japan, and it was the outset of an incredibly successful ride.

As it often happens, the launch line-up wasn’t exactly the strongest, including many cross-generation titles, with few coming close to show what the console could really do, but it was still managed to capture the attention of the audience even thanks to well placed marketing that hit the right spots, while at times exploiting the flank left uncovered by the competition.

The console went on to sell through a million units in a day, and then rode smoothly to the current 29.3 million, while dominating NPD numbers close to every month.

Next year seems to be destined to be even stronger, with some heavy hitting titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn destined to hit the shelves and bolster the line-up, without even mentioning the impending launch of PlayStation VR.

If you want to reminisce on that fateful night two years ago, below you can see the launch count down, and the full recording of the launch event in New York.