The PS5 Wont Be Back in Stock With Some Major UK Retailers Until 2021

The PS5 Wont Be Back in Stock With Some Major UK Retailers Until 2021

Bad news for those who were looking to secure a PS5 as a Christmas present in the UK.

Those in the UK who were hoping to get a PS5 in time for Christmas have just been dealt another major blow. While up until this point there have already been some big issues with the stock, major retailers in the UK are now stating that they won’t be getting any more of Sony’s brand new console until early next year.

VGC noted that one of the biggest sellers of the console in the UK, Argos, has added a note to their website that reads, “Sorry, PlayStation 5 is currently unavailable. We will not have any further stock for the rest of 2020.” And this is a common theme with many other retailers.

Smyths, a major toy and entertainment retailer has also suggested that they aren’t expecting any new stock until January 2021 and supermarket chain Asda replied to a customer on Twitter stating that they could “confirm we won’t be getting any more stock of the PS5 until after Christmas.”

DualShockers also reached out to a member of retail staff at GAME, who told us that they’re not expecting any new consoles in until “the new year some time.” It’s unclear whether the online store may be receiving new shipments before then, however.

Alongside the stock issues, prospective PS5 owners in the UK have been met with a range of other barriers. It’s been reported that gangs have been robbing lorries carrying high-value goods, including PS5 consoles in The Fast and The Furious style heists, Amazon drivers have been caught replacing consoles with random items that include cat food and scalpers have been purchasing huge volumes of the consoles to resell at extortionate prices.