The PSP2 Can Run Uncharted 3?

The PSP2 Can Run Uncharted 3?


We’ve heard little to nothing on the illusive PSP2. In fact, we’ve gotten barely anything in the way of the device’s ‘rumored’ confirmation back in September. A user named mrthong claims that there are a few interesting details about the device in the Australian edition of this month’s Game Informer magazine.

Apparently, the console is being codenamed ‘Veta’ and the device will be strong enough to run the yet unreleased PS3 exclusive Uncharted 3, which comes out November 1st of next year. Honestly, he really did say this. See for yourself:

“developers have described the PSP2 as a very powerful machine that could stand running the likes of Uncharted 3. Moreover, the PSP 2 is carrying a codename of ‘Veta’. The revelations come via an article in the magazine which is titled ‘Playstation’s new portable’. This is also supported by revalations online that the PSP2 has more internal memory than the Xbox 360 (1GB).”

While none of this has been confirmed as fact, it’s a very interesting idea to say the least. With the Nintendo 3DS being priced at $300, I’d hate to see the price tag on a handheld that can rival the PS3 in processing power. Expect more details on this buzz worthy would-be device into the New Year.

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