How to Play The Ratchelor - A Game Based on The Bachelor TV Series

Here is your anticipated game based on The Bachelor TV series.

The Bachelor is one of the reality TV shows that has worldwide popularity due to its long seasons, twists, dramas, and unpredictable ending. To be honest, people love to see how the relationship between the reality show participants goes on and who becomes the bride at the end. If you’ve dreamed of playing a game like that, your dream come true moment has probably arrived, but not in the same way you had expected. Let’s skip the formalities and describe The Ratchelor.

The Ratchelor is a browser-based game that you can play on PC or your smartphones. The game has been directly inspired by The Bachelor TV show, but the only difference is everything in Ratchelor happens in the world of Rats. As a rat, you first choose your characters, and then you select seven contestants from the many available to have a small talk to them and then eliminate the unfavorites one after another. In the end, you will choose your final contestant and purpose her.

The game features very simple gameplay mechanics with a basic dialogue system that mostly showcases similar answers. That being said, The Ratchelor still worth trying a few times, especially for people who follow The Bachelor TV show continuously. If you want to give it a shot, visit here and start the game right after. There are four playable rats for now. It’s yet to be known whether the game will receive updates or more content in the future if people start to react positively.

The 25th season of The Bachelor officially started earlier in January this year. Matt James is the Bachelor in this season, but the winner is yet to be known as the show has not reached the end of the season yet. The show is being aired on the ABC channel, but you can watch the summary of each episode on YouTube as well.

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