The Real Definition of a "Gamer"

It seems the entertainment world that I have been living in recently lost some of its credibility when it comes to using terms correctly. We’ve all been there sooner or later, coming up with new meanings to words we throw around everyday. One of our holy words though, maybe the holiest of holy, has been tainted, and tried to get redefined, but I am here to bring it back. That word my friends, is “Gamer”.

What is a gamer? Its meaning could be so simplistic and yet very complicated. Let’s start with the broad view of the term. In general, a gamer is someone who likes to game, or enjoys playing video games competitively or individually. It’s in our holy bible, and you could find the definition on the inside cover, or wherever they put it nowadays. Can I go specific or more broad of the term, yes I can, if the Price is Right.

The number of groups who do not fall under gamer, I can tell you, is vast. There are many wannabe players out there, calling themselves gamers, where they are just no good old fogies who play scrabble with a dictionary all the time. Yea you heard me, my first decree, scrabble does not make you a gamer.  Okay maybe that’s not a decree but you all could agree with me on this. Let’s say board games in general, people who play them some of the time are not considered gamers. You game, but not enough to take the title. You enjoy a slight dose of competition, but not as much. Your like our younger brother, who just learned about their private parts.

Calling all gamblers, when I heard one of you say you were a gamer because you like the thrill of betting, I turned to the closest thing and punched it. Now I have a broken screen door. Anyone who bets but does not play the game, like horse racing, dog racing, etc., I don’t even want to talk to you. The closest to us gamers, the online poker player gamblers, our cousins, are whom I need to address their attention. To put it clearly so we all can move on, you play to win money, while the rest of us spend our money to buy games and that to us, we feel like winners, pending on the game. That’s why you’re in our family, but not part of the immediate family.

The video game world is where the gamers are at, but even there, intruders are using our so called name. Let’s wean them out, let me explain what a real gamer is so we could spot the no-nos.  A gamer is someone who spends most of their time playing video games, not every minute of the day, but casually or longer. I got my causal gamers to my right, who enjoy playing games once in awhile, when the time and mood is right, and my hardcore gamers to the left, who need to eat, sleep, and drink video games everyday, or they think that the lack of gaming will kill them. If you can’t already tell, I am one of these hardcore gamers. What makes us gamers, is the thrill of achievement, not XBOX 360 achievements, but the idea of either winning at something you thought was impossible to beat, or just plainly overpowering someone else. That thrill is what makes us gamers keep coming back to the video game world and keep playing, to win, to beat down, to feel as though you could be number one. In the video game world, you have a chance to be somebody, where the real world, we all know, are nothing.

So who did I forget, ah yes, my non casual gamers, the wannabe. Your typical PS3 lovey dovey’s  “only using it for a blu-ray player but maybe I’ll get one game” joke. I work at Best Buy, so everyday a little bit of my soul is crushed when I hear that people want to get the PS3 for the blu-ray and maybe for one or two games. What the hell? Buy yourself a cheap blue- ray player then, don’t make me want to hit you and scream rape. Besides that group of derelicts, the sports realm is where I need to go. You guys, I even saw the commercial, you said the word gamers. I quote it, “We are the gamers’ nation, we are baseball”. Who said you could take our word? Sure baseball was around longer, and what makes us gamers could fit into the same category as you, but we are the video game world, we invented the word first. You had your chance, and we are sticking with what we got. There’s meaning behind that word to us, you guys could still have sports player if that’s okay.

The gamer’s nation, the video game nation, has spoken. I’ve weaned out the non gamers to the true gamers. Message to the gamers out there, keep doing what you are doing. Make the title to which we hold dear in our heart grow ever stronger, and someday, maybe we could all meet so I may pulverize you in a one on one in COD4.

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