The Riftbreaker Continues to Impress With Base Building Trailer

The Riftbreaker Continues to Impress With Base Building Trailer

The Riftbreaker takes a dive into the game's base building with its latest trailer. See how easily you can swap between bases to defend from alien hordes.

The Riftbreaker is quite the mash-up of genres. It mixes base-building survival with mech-based action-RPG elements. On paper, that might sound like a bit too much, but in practice, the game is great. If you don’t believe us, you can go ahead and check out the free demo on Steam right now. Today, the team at EXOR Studios released another trailer showing off the game’s base-building. Give it a look below.

The Riftbreaker‘s latest trailer gives us a look at some sped-up base building. We can see some of the basic buildings, as well as some of the handy visual improvements you can use to make your base much homier. We also see the importance of secondary bases to get resources your main base doesn’t have access to. Using the game’s warp system lets you do this quickly and easily.

It’s worth mentioning how great that placement tool looks. Though it’s tied to your mech’s range, the tool seems very easy to use and I love the visual style. Obviously, not everyone will get down with the game’s visual style, but for this former Protoss player, I’m here for it.

The latest trailer doesn’t really get into the other side of The Riftbreaker. While base-building (and defending) is clearly important, the game also asks you to take your mech out into the field to fight the alien hordes. Here, you’ll gain even more resources as you wade through intense combat. It gives the game much more action than something like They Are Billions, which should lead to a game that feels more active than typical games in the genre.

The Riftbreaker launches later this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.