The Rise of Captain Longbeard Will Let You Become a Pirate and say ‘VRrrr’ this Holiday

The Rise of Captain Longbeard Will Let You Become a Pirate and say ‘VRrrr’ this Holiday

Recently Japanese developer Colopl Ni released a trailer for their upcoming VR game The Rise of Captain Longbeard. The title is currently in the alpha stages and will be coming to Steam Early Access for the HTC Vive sometime this December.

Captain Longbeard features a protagonist by the name of Robert Youngfellow who must navigate the dangers of pirate life. Treasure awaits him as does rival marauders looking for booty of their own. It will be up to the player to see if Robert can become the titular, bearded captain.

In terms of what to expect of the game the press release listed the following details:

– Exploration across four main islands and over eight satellite islands, each filled with their own particular blend of challenge and mayhem;
– Sail your ship to tropical ports of call, before embarking on foot to explore the islands;
– Combat galore and you’ll need to be skilled in the art of battle with pistols, swords and exploding barrels;
– Plunder treasure wherever you find it and use it to upgrade your weapons, purchase booze and more;
– A successful pirate is a one who can outwit his opponents and your path to infamy is besieged by obstacles, including marksmen challenges, hidden key puzzles and when all else fails – blowing up parts of the world.

There’s been no word of the final release of Captain Longbeard or how long the Early Access period will last, but it will be nice to have a chance to step into someone else’s pegleg for a change.