The Saboteur Gets ‘M’ Rating

The Saboteur Gets ‘M’ Rating

Pandemic Studios’ World War II outside-of-the-box thinking action game has finally made it’s way through the ESRB. To our surprise (NOT) the game has received the ESRB’s highest honor of a Mature rating.  What did people think it was going to get? With key words like “Saboteur, World War II, and Action Game, I thought it was pretty self explanatory. Here’s an excerpt of the rating:

Category Icon (Rating Symbol):


Content Descriptors:
Intense Violence
Sexual Themes
Strong Language

Wow, all five of the content descriptors already make it a GOTY candidate in my book! The Saboteur is set to hit shelves in December of this year and because the Pandemic team is all about the community you can expect weekly updates leading up to the game’s launch. If you needed a little bit of proof as to why the game received this rating check out the 2 sample shots below.



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