The Secret to Long Life? It's in the Games

By Eder Campuzano

February 1, 2012

We all know people who would be thrilled to see a DS-box-sized gift on a table with an array of other birthday presents, but how often are those folks “just 100 years old”? Kathleen Connell, known to her friends as Kit, regularly plays her crimson and black Nintendo handheld before bed each night and says it’s what maintains her mental acuity.

“It’s absolutely super, I can’t speak highly enough of it. I don’t know what I would do without it,” she told the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph. “”I’ll play it in the evening, then I’ll have a break and a cup of tea, then I’ll go back to playing my Nintendo.”

She owns a few dozen games, all of which seem to be puzzlers like Scrabble and Left Brain/Right Brain. The centenarian Brit also admits games like this would be a welcome sight in schools, advice we know Japan has taken to heart. Apparently Connell’s brain age, according to Brain Age, is 36, more than one-third less than her actual age.

Anyone else feel 36 percent younger when they whip out the old DS?

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