The Secret World Goes Buy to Play

The Secret World Goes Buy to Play

Something was in the air, with Game Director Joel Bylos talking about the “End of Days” and all that, and today, without really waiting for December the 21st, Funcom announced that The Secret World is going to switch business model to Buy to Play.

Gamers that want to play will have to fork only the initial price of $30 or €30 and they’ll be able to play without a subscription fee. An optional subscription will also be available for those that want to get the most out of the game and will grant the following:

  • Time Accelerator (Clickable item which increases experience gain for defeating monsters by 100% for 1 hour, 16 hour cool-down – only usable by Members and Grand Masters)
  • $10 worth of Bonus Points (given out every month)
  • Item-of-the-month gift (given out every month)
  • 10% discount to everything in the in-game store

Those that got the Grandmaster pack (the former lifetime subscription) will get a further 10% discount in the in-game store, for a total of 20%.

While the game will still receive regular free updates, the monthly Issues will become paid DLC (with Issue #5 being the first, priced at $5, but it will be automatically unlocked for anyone that will have a full game account registered before the end of December). Of course subscribers should have plenty bonus points to purchase them without spending additional money.

Considering that The Secret World is definitely a great game (you can read my review here), and that their business model is much less restrictive (actually, not restrictive at all)  than others. It sounds like a sweet deal to me.

You can watch the trailer released for the occasion below: