The Secret World Teases Halloween Event

The Secret World Teases Halloween Event

Today The Secret World Senior Designer Tanya Short published a new developer blog on the official site of the game, giving us some details about the upcoming Halloween Event, that will kick off around October the 15th.

Tanya lets us know that the event will be centered on an Irish folk legend about Irusan, a half-god half-spirit with an attitude and a penchant for eating mouthy poets.

The premise is that all cats are somehow related, and when you have a minion in almost every household of the world, you can do a lot of rather evil things.

The questline will start in Kingsmouth town and it will add more depth to the characters of Madame Rogêt and Deputy Andy. It will also expand on the Stonehenge area, that will be repurposed for PvE. Of course there will also be a full fledged boss fight.

You can check a couple screenshots and an illustration of Irusan himself below. Isn’t he a cute fur ball?