The Shoot (PS Move) Hands-On Impressions

The Shoot for PlayStation Move is a title scheduled to arrive later this year for the PS3 which will be among the first titles to be made from the ground up for the Move rather than just adding support as an afterthought. The game is an on-rail shooter that sets players as the star of various pre-made Action film sets such as Robot Rebellion and Haunted House Party. The game features destructible environments, plenty of motion tracking, and gameplay derived of that, as well as many easter eggs and a set of special attacks to keep things interesting.

With the heavy criticism of the fact that other titles are being revealed as on-rail shooters, I surprisingly had a blast playing The Shoot and felt like on-rail shooters need to be given another chance in some cases. Read on for my hands-on impressions playing The Shoot on PlayStation Move for what you can expect and why I think on-rail doesn’t necessarily mean dead-on-arrival depending on your tastes.

Some of the things that make The Shoot stand out for PlayStation Move really give you a higher sense of immersion than past on-rail shooters, albeit a small boost to a tried and true formula. For starters, the sets you play on range from cowboy westerns to robot invasion-style arenas. You can crouch to avoid getting shot at, spin around to invoke some slo-mo aiming, and even lunge forward to melee attack your enemies at close-range. The variety is great but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be all that many sets, around five are expected to launch with the full title. Aiming away from the television will give you an area attack that takes down most enemies on the screen at once.

Waves of enemies will come at you and the environment is very easy and fun to destroy while you do your best to take down enemies of the 2D and 3D variety. While the movie scene plays out you are challenged to perform at your highest caliber busting fools like a gangster, old time shooter, or epic hero depending on the set. The amount of little extras placed in the game such as shooting explosive barrels, boxes to grab power-ups, and more keep things interesting. The fast-paced action is oriented to keep you always blasting your guns and it will take some experience to master the title, so the challenge factor is there.

The Shoot supports single player as well as multi-player local and online (with up to two players at once) and is currently scheduled for release Fall 2010. Though this title easy to pick up and play you will be satisfied by the way it rewards skill with more and more stylistic runs. The Shoot seems to have a lot to offer if you are a fan of the on-rail shooter, if you despise the genre then you probably won’t care about this title unfortunately.

  • Title: The Shoot
  • Developer / Publisher: Cohort Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platform: PlayStation 3 (PS Move Required)
  • Release: Fall 2010
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