The Shrouded Isle from Kitfox Games is Coming to Switch on January 17

The Shrouded Isle from Kitfox Games is Coming to Switch on January 17

Cult simulator The Shrouded Isle from Kitfox Games is coming to Switch on January 17, with the release including the Sunken Ship DLC.

After its initial release in 2017, The Shrouded Isle is making its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Kitfox Games, this game is a management simulator—the catch here is that the player will manage the members of a cult. Pleasant, yes?

Taking place on a secluded island community, this cult under the player’s watchful eyes is full of “sinners aplenty,” with each member having two distinct traits: one “virtuous” and one “heretic.” Expect to investigate these cult members and their reputations, observing their behavior for clues.

Five aristocratic families are in charge of the island, facilitating and participating in your usual cult rituals, including book burning, monument building, heretical investigations, and yes, human sacrifices—you’ll have to choose who to sacrifice at the end of every season. Traits between cult members are randomly assigned, adding some variety to each playthrough.

In addition to the base game, the Switch version will also include the Sunken Sins DLC. Along with a “more robust inquiry system” for investigating these cult members, the DLC also provides a lengthened campaign, a new “purification tower mechanic,” a cinematic ending, additional art and events, more personality traits, and according to this press release… “madness…?”

Meanwhile, Kitfox is working on a dating simulator-dungeon crawler hybrid called Boyfriend Dungeon, which has much of the same principal developers from The Shrouded Isle involved. One such member is Tanya X. Short, the director for Boyfriend Dungeon and the writer of The Shrouded Isle, who I got to interview late last year. Boyfriend Dungeon was also featured in the Kinda Funny Games Showcase.

Through The Shrouded Isle, you too can purge the sinners—on the go! Expect the game on the Nintendo eShop by January 17, and check out the Switch trailer and plenty of screenshots showcasing the monochromatic art style below.