The Sims 4 Demoed Live With a Muscular Peter Moore

The Sims 4 Demoed Live With a Muscular Peter Moore

I will confess that I have quite a bad vice. That vice, which I am not fondly proud of voicing out loud, is investing hours of my life into The Sims franchise.

At EA’s event, Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore joined the stage to a welcome applause to demo The Sims 4. 

A plethora of additional tools have been reimagined to help customize your character further, as shown in the demo where  Peter Moore was created with a “bro” body (muscular physique). The new tools allow you to pretty much tailor your character more than before, giving you the option to allocate thunder thighs where needed.

On top of the fully revamped character creation tool, the brand new Build mode in The Sims 4 now gives players the ability to pick up an entire house and move it. The Build mode, however, seems to provide more depth in the construction of homes as a pyramid was shown — something that was not plausible in the previous installments due to construction limitations.

If you want to be nosey and/or just compare your home to that of your neighbor’s, you can as the game allows you to browse other people’s homes.

In addition to all the aforementioned customizable features introduced in The Sims 4, character interaction has also been improved, with the addition of “emotions,” giving an element of unpredictability to the game. This will change the interactions and possibilities you will have day to day in the game.

Check out the videos below for some more insight on the upcoming EA title, which also goes over the “Create a Sim” bits.