The Sims 4 Lets You Save Mother Earth in Latest Expansion

The next Sims 4 expansion pack lets players build solar panels, cultivate their own garden, and dumpster dive for furniture.

Somehow, The Sims 4 keeps churning out new content at a ridiculous rate. The game launched in 2014, but shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. And now, the team has announced the latest expansion pack, Eco Lifestyle. This is an expansion pack, which are the biggest packs EA adds to The Sims 4. That means fans are in for a huge injection of brand new content. Check out the new trailer below.

Eco Lifestyle will let Sims 4 players work to make the world a better place by living an eco-friendly life. You can build things like solar panels, wind turbines, and dew collectors. You’ll even be able to grow your own food using the new vertical gardens. Heck, EA is even adding the ability to dumpster dive and outfit your house with free furniture. However, the benefits aren’t just felt at home. Your work extends to the community and world at large.

Each in-game week, you’ll be able to vote on new Neighborhood Action Plans. To get your plan to pass, you’ll have to garner support from the locals and build up support. Your choices will visually affect the world. If you don’t treat the environment with respect, expect your skies to turn smoggy and junk to overtake the local fauna. However, spending time on cultivating a clean town, will give you clear skies and beautiful flora. Just like real life!

The Sims 4 gets the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack is out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 4. Now is a great time to jump in for veteran and new players alike.

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