Experience Rain and Shine in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack on June 22nd

On June 22nd, your Sims will be able to experience all the ups and downs weather brings in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack.

May 26, 2018

In keeping with the tradition of previous The Sims games, The Sims 4 will be getting its own Seasons Expansion Pack on June 22nd. Electronic Arts released a reveal trailer on Thursday showing off some of its features with a Simlish version of Steal My Sunshine playing in the background.

According to the trailer, your Sims will now be able to experience all the ups and downs of each season as well as the activities and holidays they bring. Building snowmen, water balloon fights, and beekeeping are all in your Sims’ futures as well as getting struck by lightning, something that seems to happen much more in the Sim universe than it ever does in real life.

Sims will also be able to celebrate different holidays like Winterfest and Love Day as the seasons come, and players will have the opportunity to create their own custom holidays and begin new traditions. This new expansion will also allow Sims to craft a career out of arranging flowers as a floral designer or make groundbreaking discoveries analyzing plants as a botanist — obviously a job that wasn’t packed in with the Get to Work expansion.

The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack will be available for PC and Mac on June 22nd. It is currently available for pre-order via Amazon.  You can check out the reveal trailer below, and good luck getting the song out of your head:

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