The Sinking City Developers Unveil Gameplay from Nintendo Switch Port

The Sinking City for Nintendo Switch won't be getting a release date until next week, but we learned a lot about the port today.

Just before The Sinking City released in June, Frogwares confirmed that it would be ported to Switch during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct. They had not discussed the port since then, but came back swinging today with a new video that lets players know everything they would want to about the port itself and how Frogwares brought The Sinking City over to Nintendo Switch.

The Sinking City for Nintendo Switch actually seems to shaping up quite well so far. While not as detailed as the other versions, it still looks very good for a Nintendo Switch game with a “realistic” art style.  The Nintendo Switch version of the game will also allow players to navigate menus with the touchscreen and will include a gyroscopic aiming option. Frogwares definitely seems to be taking advantage of the hybrid console’s unique functionalities, though the port will likely live or die depending on whether or not the developers can consistently meet the 30fps bar they have set for themselves as that has been the downfall of many ports.

That’s not all though, as The Sinking City for Nintendo Switch will actually feature some gameplay tweaks based on player feedback. Recoil as well as the visual and audio effects for shooting have been improved, and the AI for pedestrians and crowds has also been modified to be better. A lot bugs in the original versions of The Sinking City will also be fixed on Switch, and all of The Sinking City’s localizations and text options will be available to access in all regions. DualShockers has asked a Frogwares representative if these features will be coming to the other versions of The Sinking City, and we will be sure to let you know when we get a response.

Check out the Nintendo Switch port deep dive video below. The Nintendo Switch port of The Sinking City is still without a release date, but Frogwares says that it will be announced next week and that “the date is sooner rather than later.” If you want to know what DualShockers thought of the base game, check out our review.

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