The Spirit of SOCOM Returns: H-Hour: World’s Elite Pre-Alpha Build Video Unveiled

on January 8, 2014 1:44 PM

Many were heartbroken when the SOCOM servers were closed for good, as the end of an era of third person tactical shooters that began with the SOCOM series concluded. But then David Sears, the creative director of SOCOM 1 and 2, came back with a vengeance with developer SOF Studios, to successfully Kickstart H-Hour: World’s Elite with $252,000 raised. Now the game has reached a pre-alpha build, and the team has been proud to show off the beauty and mechanics of the game so far in the demo video below.

Lauded by many as the start of the eSports franchise as we know it today, Sears and SOF Studios want to bring third person military tactical shooters back to its core, with a focus on skill and teamwork, something they feel has been missing from the genre. And they seek to do that by reaching out to the very community that kept the spirit of SOCOM alive all this time by inviting gamers to the SOF Studios website, where loyal fans can collaborate with SOF on polishing H-Hour into a game Sears think is worthy of the community.

If all goes as planned, H-Hour: World’s Elite is set to release as a full game to both PC and PS4 by January of 2015. You can follow Sears’ PSYOP development blog for more updates on behind-the-scenes progress. For more on the game’s design (including core gameplay, community and clans, tactics and the meaning of “H-Hour”) check out the studios’ H-Hour page.


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