The Spy Who Shrunk Me Is Arriving on VR and PC This Year

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Is Arriving on VR and PC This Year

Finnish game developer Catland Ltd announces comedic stealth game The Spy Who Shrunk Me for PC and VR is coming later this year

Finnish game developer Catland Ltd. announced their second game title, The Spy Who Shrunk Me. Their first endeavor was a virtual reality game called Taphouse VR released in 2017, but this will be the first time the company will be releasing a game on both PC and VR.

Catland Studio successfully accumulated a concealed amount of funding to secure the future of the game with the help from some big names in the industry that include; legendary Finnish game developers and investors Sisu Game Ventures (run by Remedy founder Samuli Syvähuoko), Jaakko Manninen (CTO of Vizor), Sami Vanhatalo (Remedy founder and Combo Breaker chairman) and Niko Punin (renowned entrepreneur and business angel).

In The Spy Who Shrunk Me, you play as agent Audrey Smoothspy who’s armed with an array of exotic and unusual spy gadgets that include a pretty cool shrink ray and…a banana peel. Using your stealthy abilities, you creep past guards and unravel a terrifying secret in 1980s Moscow which threatens to turn the Cold War into a fiery one.

Needless to say, the game is supposed to be played with a flippant fun style attitude with an entertaining 80’s aesthetic edge. Spend your time shrinking foes and dropping them down toilets or use stealth and subterfuge to get past enemies undetected. You can play all the way through The Spy Who Shrunk Me without harming a single soul.

Tomi Toikka, CEO at Catland Ltd accompanied the announcement with a comment.

“The Spy Who Shrunk Me is a tongue-in-cheek spy adventure, a love letter to spy movies, immersive simulations and other games in the stealth genre. Armed with a shrink ray, you can shrink and dip Soviet soldiers into paper shredders and make them run in a hamster wheel – or shrink yourself to get past opponents. Just don’t get stomped.”

The Spy Who Shrunk Me is slated to be released on Steam in 2018, which includes both PC and VR versions for the same price and is fully playable in both modes with additional interactivity offered in the VR version.

You can find the announcement trailer below.