The Stanley Parable Update Removes Glitch in Baby Game Ending

The Stanley Parable Update Removes Glitch in Baby Game Ending

A new update has been released for the The Stanley Parable by Galactic Cafe which removes a glitch where a black monolith would appear when players got the “Baby Game Ending”.

While a lot of people though this monolith was intentional, The Stanley Parable co-creator Davey Wreden revealed that it was actually an oversight by the developers, as they did not fully test that part of the game because they did not think anybody would achieve that ending. To get the “Baby Game Ending” players must partake in a tedious game where they must press a button to delay the baby from crawling into a fire, over and over, for 4 hours. When players completed the game, the screen would go white and players would see the following image:


This glitch is caused by a door that opens at one point during the game and doesn’t close. While the developers originally decided to keep this glitch in, as it was charming and not game-breaking, it does block some on-screen text at a few points during the ending, making some of the text illegible. This update has removed the monolith and allows players to fully see the text, which reads:

Fear me, Mortal. I am the essence of divine art.
Others but you cannot read this text.
Know that when you die, I will personally carry your spirit across the River Blxwxn, into my garden built within the emotions of a flower.
There we will live together, we will dance and eat and sin and you will do improv comedy based on suggestions from me for all eternity.
This is your reward for your work here today.
Now. Live your normal human existence. Await me in the life that follows this one.

The Stanley Parable is available on Mac and PC, and is currently discounted during the Steam Winter Sale.