The SuperChargers Amiibo Are Getting Individual Releases but It’s Not Good Enough

on December 31, 2015 1:23 PM

Remember those Skylanders SuperChargers amiibo? The ones that came solely in starter packs for Skylanders SuperChargers? Some of them are getting re-released in individual packaging, normally something universally praised by amiibo collectors. However, in this case, it isn’t good enough.

For those who may not remember, at E3 2015 Nintendo announced a partnership with Activision to bring amiibo to Skylanders in combination Skylander-amiibo figures of reimagined Donkey Kong and Bowser and their respective vehicles. These figures would be able to be used in Skylanders SuperChargers or any other DK or Bowser amiibo integrated Nintendo game. On the downside, collectors who wanted to grab these interesting body doubles were forced to buy the Skylanders SuperChargers bundle on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U — a $150 dollar expense.

Dark Edition SuperChargers Amiibo 2

As a response, most collectors bypass this in their collection, feeling it is an unnecessary addition to an already costly habit. Then Activision made the whole process even worse by introducing Dark Edition starter packs, creating a new color variant only available if you purchase an additional starter pack for the Wii U and the Wii (now a nearly decade old piece of hardware) — another $150 expense, that is objectively more rare to find than most “unicorns.”

SuperChargers Amiibo Tweet

So these new combo packs featuring the original color variant, now priced at $24.99 each (above), is a far better option than paying $75 each for the starter packs. But it is important to note a “better option” is not necessarily a good option. These figures still cost nearly double what the standard amiibo cost. Additionally, there is still no option whatsoever to get the Dark Edition variants outside of the starter packs on two different consoles.

As an avid amiibo collector, these concessions are too little too late.

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