The Surge 2 Pre-Orders Open Following Release Date Announcement

The Surge 2 Pre-Orders Open Following Release Date Announcement

The Surge 2 Limited Edition for PC, PS4, and Xbox One was also unveiled by Focus Home Interactive and Deck13.

Yesterday, a September 24 release date for The Surge 2 from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive was listed on the Australian Microsoft Store. Shortly thereafter, the release date was confirmed on the game’s official Twitter account as the developers opted to admit to the date instead of doing damage control. Today, Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive once again confirmed the release date in a press release, unveiling the pre-order bonuses, Limited Edition, and new screenshots for The Surge 2 in the process.

Those who decide to pre-order The Surge 2 will be able to deck out their character with the URBN Gear Pack. This colorful DLC, which those who pre-order get at no extra cost, includes two weapons, a full armor set, a drone, one module, and a special online message icon. This pack definitely seems likely it will be a welcome early-game boost, considering The Surge and its sequel are difficult Souls-likes. As for The Surge 2 Limited Edition, those who pick up the more expensive version of Deck13’s game will receive a lenticular cover as opposed to the game’s standard box art, a double-sided poster, three lithographs, and an 8-page comic book.

While Focus Home Interactive is skipping E3 this year, DualShokers saw The Surge 2 in action at E3 2018 and came away impressed. While The Surge had its rough edges, it laid the foundation for a solid series formula that The Surge 2 will hopefully capitalize on. While The Surge 2 has a solid release date in sight, the sequel to another Deck13 Souls-like game isn’t as lucky. Lords of the Fallen 2’s development status is currently up in the air as publisher CI Games recently dropped developer Defiant Studios, who had been working on the game since last year. While Deck13 is not connected to that game, it is still disappointing to see a promising Souls-like that they have connections to in development hell.

You can check out the new E3 screenshots for the game as well as detailed images of the pre-order bonus DLC and Limited Edition below. The Surge 2 finally releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 24, and can be pre-ordered starting today.