The Swords of Ditto and LocoRoco to Crossover in PS4 Exclusive Quest

The Swords of Ditto and LocoRoco to Crossover in PS4 Exclusive Quest

PS4 owners will have access to an exclusive LocoRoco themed quest in The Swords of Ditto when the game launch next month.

With just under a month until its release, a PS4-exclusive crossover quest in The Swords of Ditto has been unveiled. Developer onebitbeyond and publisher Devolver Digital have partnered with SIE Studios Japan to add a LocoRoco quest into the PS4 version of The Swords of Ditto.

According to the game’s developers, this quest will begin when players come upon a secret cave. Once they enter, they will find several loose LocoRocos scattered about and will have to collect them all while fighting off enemies. This quest will feature LocoRoco themed music and sound effects, with its reward being described as “truly worthy”.

For those of you who don’t know, The Swords of Ditto is a roguelike that takes inspiration from titles like The Legend of Zelda where players are trying to stop the evil Mormo. That being said, if they die, their abilities are stored in the titular swords and players must return 100 years later as a new hero, dealing with the consequences. Meanwhile, LocoRoco is a cute 2D puzzle platformer that originally released on PSP in 2006 before remastered versions of it and its sequel came to PS4 last year.

Below, you can check out some screenshots and a trailer highlighting the game’s LocoRoco crossover quest. The Swords of Ditto will release on both PC and PS4 on April 24.