The Swords of Ditto Trophy List Revealed

The Swords of Ditto Trophy List Revealed

The Swords of Ditto's trophy list has been revealed ahead of its release, which includes the brief description along with the rarity of each trophy available.

We are less than a day away until The Swords of Ditto launches, with less than 24 hours on the clock, those intending on picking up the title can start to get a headstart on how to obtain the many trophies available in-game.

Over at, the site has provided a complete rundown of all the trophies in the upcoming title. Not only does it include a brief description, but it also details the rarity of each trophy offered in the game. According to the list, The Swords of Ditto has a total of 21 trophies (1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 4 Bronze).

A closer look at the list shows that a small portion of trophies will require players to search for collectibles scattered throughout the game. Aside from that, a majority of the trophies are most likely obtainable in one playthrough (aside from the collectible trophies of course.) Several challenges players will have to complete include equipping a specific amount of stickers simultaneously, defeating Mormo a particular way,  successfully completing a dojo, and finding a Toy of Legend to name a few.

As always, a full rundown of the trophies will be provided below this article. For more information on the game, check out a trailer focusing on the LocoRoco quest, which will be exclusive to the PS4 version, as well as twelve minutes of gameplay footage.

The Swords of Ditto is set to be released on April 24 for PC and PlayStation 4.

Name Description Trophy
All the Trophies! Get all the trophies! Platinum
Visit Grave Visit the grave of a failed hero Bronze
Find A Toy Find a Toy of Legend Bronze
Destroy an Anchor Destroy one of Mormo’s anchors Silver
Equip a Sticker Equip a sticker Bronze
Defeat all Anchors in a Story Defeat all anchors in a story Silver
Defeat Mormo Defeat Mormo once Gold
Serendipity Meet Serendipity Silver
Complete a Dojo Complete a dojo Gold
Sticker Swapper Swap a sticker with an NPC Silver
Open a Crate Open a Crate Bronze
Wind Back Time Wind back time Silver
Equip a Limited Sticker Equip a limited sticker Silver
Receive a Limited-Edition Sticker Receive a limited-edition sticker from Ock Silver
Complete an Offering Complete an offering Silver
Equip twelve Stickers Equip twelve limited stickers at the same time Silver
Fully Upgrade your Bombs Fully upgrade your bombs Gold
Defeat Mormo Without Destroying an Anchor Defeat Mormo without destroying an anchor Gold
Find all Toy Find all Toys of Legend Gold
Find all Story Tablets Find all the story tablets Gold
Break the Curse of Ditto Break the Curse of Ditto Gold