The Technomancer Trophies for PlayStation 4 Appear, Forty-One Total

Trophies for the upcoming sci-fi action-RPG The Technomancer have appeared online via PSN Profiles. There are forty-one trophies total, broken up between a platinum, three gold, nine silver, and twenty-eight bronze.

Finishing each chapter will net you two gold and two silver, though no difficulty settings will only earn you silver trophies. Romancing a character is a silver trophy, while the usual “do [x] this many times” are relegated to bronze as usual. You can peruse the full trophy list below. The Technomancer will be launching on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One June 28.


  • Platinum trophy: Win all of the trophies in The Technomancer


  • The fall: Finish Chapter 3.
  • Hello, Earth?: Finish Chapter 4.


  • Extreme survivor: Finish the game on extreme difficulty.
  • Treason: Finish Chapter 1.
  • Traveler: Finish the game on normal difficulty.
  • Tough to beat: Finish the game on hard difficulty.
  • The spy who loved me: Enter into a romance with Niesha
  • Soulmate: Enter into a romance with Andrew
  • On the run: Finish Chapter 2.
  • Obliging: Finish 20 secondary quests.
  • Best friend: Finish all of the companion quests.


  • A clockwork heart: Enter into a romance with Amelia
  • You have to start somewhere: Upgrade a skill
  • Without fail: Parry 200 attacks with the shield
  • With my captain: Ally with the Ophir army.
  • Warrior: Unlock the entire warrior skill tree.
  • Trapper: Skin 100 creatures.
  • The Godfather: Ally with the Vory
  • Technomancer: Unlock the entire technomancer skill tree.
  • Sharpshooter: Hit enemies 200 times using a pistol.
  • Rogue: Unlock the entire rogue skill tree.
  • Raider: Ransack 40 chests.
  • Opponents of the regime: Ally with the opposition in Ophir.
  • Noctis merchants: Ally with the Noctis merchants.
  • Monster hunter: Kill 60 creatures.
  • Middleweight: Knock out 100 humanoids
  • Martian forever…: Decide to join Mutant Valley.
  • Like lightning: Electrocute enemies 200 times
  • Lightweight: Knock out 50 humanoids
  • It’s a secret: Finish The Technomancer’s prologue.
  • Heavyweight: Knock out 200 humanoids
  • Guardian: Unlock the entire guardian skill tree.
  • Grand Master of the secret: Decide to return to Abundance.
  • Goodbye paradise.: Decide to join Noctis.
  • Expert: Unlock the 3 levels of a talent
  • DIY freak: Make 100 equipment upgrades.
  • Champion!: Complete the arena championship at the Curiosity’s.
  • Burglar: Pick 50 locks
  • Bad Karma: Having bad Karma
  • Ace of staves: Hit enemies 200 times using a staff.
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