The Tester 3 Judges Have Been Revealed

The Tester 3 Judges Have Been Revealed

The Tester is back and it has a couple of new judges, some are really interesting and some of are just questionable but nonetheless, a new season is among us so it’s time to celebrate!

For those that have no idea what The Tester is, it’s a free-download reality show on PSN that puts about a dozen hardcore gamers under one roof where they have to compete in PlayStation-related challenges in order to become a PlayStation QA tester.  Challenges range from straight up PlayStation trivia to pulse-pounding boot camp-like exercises under the baking sun of California. Not for the faint of heart. In Season 3, the prize has been expanded; the winner this time gets to land a job as production assistant at Sony’s Santa Monica Studios. In addition to the job, the winner receives a $5000 signing bonus, a 55” Sony 3D HDTV and a brand new PS3. How lovely.

You can check out the list of the new contestants here:

And the judges are….

  1. David Jaffe – Co-founder/Game Director/Game Designer for Eat Sleep Play
  2. Nolan North – Actor and Author, Best known as the voice of Nathan Drake
  3. Dylan Jobe – President of LightBox Interactive
  4. Todd Papy – John Garvin – Co-Studio Director and Creative Director, Bend Studio Creative Director for Santa Monica Studios
  5. Greg Miller – PlayStation Executive Editor for IGN
  6. Seth Killian – Special Combat Advisor, Capcom

Fans of the show will be delighted to know that last season’s judge Adrianne Curry will make a return so we can all get to ogle at her extensive knowledge of gaming once more. Brent Gocke, judge since season 1 will also return but he’s not as pretty as Curry. Be sure to download The Tester 3 when it comes on PSN on February 7.