The Top 10 Horror Games of All Time (10-5)

The Top 10 Horror Games of All Time (10-5)

October is almost upon us. Soon, all the ghouls and goblins of the world may potentially rise up for one night and… do whatever they do best. However – in this Pre-Halloween spirit I’ve decided to write my VERY FIRST editorial on something completely relevant. It’s no lie, the genre of horror has to be my favourite above all others, and that is why I shall now be counting down, in my humble opinion, the top 10 scariest games of all time. From 10 – 5:


10 )    Resident Evil (Playstation 1)

Sadly I can’t remember too much about this game – as I spent the majority of my “Rez Evil” childhood cowering behind a duvet and forcing my dad to give it a bash instead. Suffice to say, he was absolutely terrible at gaming, and his sheer inability to move in the right direction or equip the right weapon at a key moment in many ways emphasized the horror aspect of the game. It’s weird to think that as a very young boy I endured hours of watching my “hero” getting raped to death by zombies…

Most standout memory: Again – such vague memories, but I do remember crying with fear when the large man wielding a shot-gun, checking to see if you were zombified, stood next to the large window and very predictably got pounced on by ZOOOMBIEEESS!

9 )    BioShock (Xbox 360 – at the time)


BioShock was a game I’d been tremendously excited about owning ever since it ran through its “hype” phase in every Xbox 360 magazine in town, however I never truly knew what it was all about until the day I purchased it, took it home, and numbed with fear. Yes – I assume most people are thinking “what the hell – BioShock isn’t scary!” and for the most part I can agree with you (hence it being number 9). As you progress through the game the jumps become more predictable and the weapons become incredibly strong making the enemies feel completely pathetic and unnecessary. However, the introductory moments in the game will forever stay in my mind as moments of sheer horror brilliance. I mean – who could honestly not get freaked out when crazy, anonymous, hook-handed creatures were approaching you – screeching their lungs out!?

Most standout memory: Definitely taking your first deep plunge into Rapture, seeing the derelict and decrepit dystopian surroundings. The oppressive feel of the place laboured hand in hand with the immediate danger of having to step out and face a hook-handed Splicer. This confrontation is made worse by the fact that the only sane man you encounter throughout the entire game is sliced to pieces in the very first minute!

8 )    Dino Crisis 2 (Playstation 1)


I hope in this list I might spark some nostalgia for some of you readers, as I’m hoping to create quite an unconventional and personal top 10. Dino Crisis 2! Now there was a game! I remember borrowing this game from a friend at my junior school (a step up from kindergarten for any transatlantic reader) and all he told me was that “the Dinosaurs in it look so realistic.” I can safely say that, with today’s advances is graphical depth and opulence, the Dinosaurs looked really shit. So bad in fact, that during one brief sequence you were instructed to “shoot that crazy dinosaur bitch in the eye”, and I couldn’t make out for the life of me where exactly the eye was! Nevertheless, it was essentially Resident Evil but with Dinosaurs instead of the Undead.

Most standout memory: Walking down a corridor and having a gigantic T-Rex head come smashing through the right hand wall. If you got too close, its screams would suck you in its mouth and you would die. Plain and simple. Some jumpy, freaky shiz.

7 )    Condemned 2: Bloodshot (PS3/Xbox 360)condemned-2-portad

Condemned 2 is a strange game for me. It was a game I really, really wanted to be frightened of – but for some reason I found Ethan just too emo-rockin’ cool as a protagonist. I felt (in his surprisingly muscular arms) that no crazy psychopath in the world could touch me – for I was a drunken Emo, a renegade, one rebellious son-of-a-gun!! I mean, it is a scary game, however to achieve number #1 level scary you really have to feel completely isolated, pathetic and subservient to the demonic creatures that await you.

Most standout memory: Either option:

<!–[if !supportLists]–>a) <!–[endif]–>Looking at a TV in the very first level, turning around and seeing Malcolm Vanhorne standing behind you with black goo pouring out of his eyes and mouth.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>b) <!–[endif]–>Searching an abandoned hotel (and more specifically, in THAT one bathroom). Looking at the mirrored cabinet, opening it, closing it and seeing in the new reflection one hench psycho standing behind you!

6 )    The Maze Game (PC)

Didn’t see this one coming did you? Not a lot to say on this particularly, other than it’s a viral game created by one sick son-of-a-bitch. Essentially it is a maze, where you drag your mouse along a designated path without touching the black walls. However, there are only three levels (that get increasingly more difficult as you play). It is rumoured that “no one’s ever gotten to the end of level 3”.

Most standout memory: The big surprise.

5 )    F.E.A.R: Extraction Point & Perseus Mandate (PC & Xbox 360)fear_perseus_mandate

These are two very brief expansion packs for the original F.E.A.R game. They are roughly four hours in length, without containing any information that could affect the original storyline (in Perseus Mandate you play as a completely new, and one-off character that is used solely for that game and never again). The horror is the same as the original, which will also be in this list, so all I can say really is check ahead from 4 – 1 and see what’s good about F.E.A.R.

Most standout point: Falling through pools and pools of blood and eventually swimming out into a morgue. As you walk past the cabinet-style drawers full of dead bodies, one slides open containing the little freaky girl Alma, who then sits up and looks at you. Eurhghhhhhhahhhh!!!!!!!!!

The final 4 – 1 coming in the next editorial…

16 responses to “The Top 10 Horror Games of All Time (10-5)”

  1. Lola says:

    Great topic…I’m planning a Halloween party and we typically end the night gaming. We tend to do the singing or dancing theme games, I know we are pretty gay, buts its fun after a few drinks (although I cant drink I’ll make sure others will drink enough for me ^_^).
    What games do you suggest I purchase for a Halloween party, for multiple players. I want something social, fun and new, any suggestions?

  2. Baaub says:

    I will be dissapointed if there is not a Silent Hill title in the top 5.

  3. joe says:

    great topic but the list looks suspect. just check his explanation of resident evil. i suggest, if u want to go that route, is call ur article “MY scariest games of all time” not “THE scariest games of all time”

  4. solid snake says:

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem,Dead Space & Slient hill deserves to be on that list.

  5. Ran says:

    The maze game should be in the first spot… its just soooooo scary

  6. RabbitFly says:

    I never played through Resident Evil 1, but the scene you describe sounds a lot like one of the scenes early in the game Resident Evil 2.

  7. Some guy says:

    Your “childhood memory” of Resident Evil is actually a scene from the beginning of Resident Evil 2, not Resident Evil 1. It’s actually the second area of the game.

  8. Xbot says:

    LMAO, bioshock is not scary at all, intence sometimes but far from scary eh.

  9. joker says:

    System Shock 2 should easily win the first place. No question about that. Clive Barker’s Undying on second place. Just my two cents.

  10. Xbot says:

    I agree with system shock 2 was awesome, but also Fatal Frame 3 is one of the scariest games of all time.

  11. Unregister says:

    Dino Crisis? Bioshock? The writer of that Top 10 list is obviously WRONG!!

  12. name says:

    the horror genre is also my favorite.
    bioshock and condemned 2 are not scary.
    how is bioshock scary?
    both are slightly creepy and gory but in no imagination are they scary.

    fear,doom 3, the suffering,silent hill,siren blood curse.
    there scary games not bioshock and condemned 2.
    if condemned 2 and bioshock are scary, than so is resident evil 5.
    and that was nothing but a action zombie shooter.
    at times i find my dog scarier than resi 5.

  13. name says:

    even clive bakers jericho.
    i loved that game, it was so so so so much fun.
    not really scary, but scarier than bioshock.
    i wish there was a sequel for jericho i enjoyed that game so much.
    would have to be one of my favorite games this gen followed by the darkness.
    theres another game that should be on this list, the darkness is scarier than anything up there.

  14. Xbot says:

    the suffering > bioshock.


  15. Gary Marston says:

    I appreciate all the suggestions for the final 4, I just want to restate: Games such as Doom 3, Fatal Frame, System Shock, The Suffering – these are games you’ll see on EVERY SINGLE TOP 10 LIST on the internet.

    I just fancied including some stranger titles that I genuinely found frightening. You can’t say the “standout memory” for BioShock didn’t scare you!!!

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