The Top 5 Places to Game on the Move!

By Gary Marston

November 23, 2009

Hello sexy readers, this week’s list is all about the top 5 places we feel are the best for taking and playing your portable games console. There’ll be some old favourites mixed with some new suggestions, but overall – if you’re a tame person who rarely ventures outside their house with their PSP or DS, reading this article may be the best thing you ever do…

#5 – During a Picnic.

I must admit, I had to rack my brains pretty hard for this one. There were plenty of strong contenders battling for this position – but a picnic in a sunny field just seems so obvious! Whether you’re with a group of friends (of course, pretty useful for multiplayer titles) or just chilling all alone with the remnants of the picnic food, the happiness that somehow surges through your body is overwhelming. There’s nothing on earth that can beat the sound of the birds singing, the children playing, the lakes tinkling and the wind breezing through… whilst executing thousands of brutal, gory mutant freaks in the face with a shotgun. Ahh, bliss.

# 4 – McDonalds (or any other fast-food restaurants).

Anywhere else, this would just be impolite. You couldn’t attend the Ritz, sit down and neglect your Caviar because you’re too busy playing with your palm-sized sex machine! McDonalds however – we’ll let that slide. Whether you’re sitting in your car after munching on a drive-thru or physically have the balls to stay inside and scoff, nothing beats: “a bit of burger with your gaming”. I just made that up, let’s hope it sticks…

OH BETTER ONE – Nothing beats: “Pwning N00bz whilst nibbling on nuggets.”

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Hell to the yeah.

#3 – During a dull performance.

Here’s a small reconstruction of what seems to be every Friday night of my life.

The other half: I’ve got tickets for Ballet / Madonna / McFly / Leona Lewis. Let’s go!

Me: That sounds really good… but… err… busy, sorry.

The other half: You don’t love me really, do you?

Me: …Okay we’ll go.

I CAN’T WIN. So instead I should start a new “craze” of people playing their iPod touches or something secretly during a dull show. Especially Ballet. Unless you love that sort of thing, in which case may I recommend to you Barbie: Shopping Adventure’s on the Nintendo DS, it’ll be right up your alley!

# 2 – Airport Departure Lounge/Aeroplanes

Covering two in one here. Yes it’s no doubt that all you game fans out their love to take your portable devices on planes. I can see you wince in pain as the air hostess checks to see everything is switched off for departure, then scream in anguish as you agonizingly count down the minutes until you’re allowed to turn it all back on again. Once they’re on though, well mama – that’s a completely new story. Eight hour flight? Not any more – ‘cos if you can sit comfy, concentrate and become engrossed – flights can feel like a mere matter of minutes!

And on a similar note – delayed? Not anymore! You can laugh at all the agitated businessmen scattering around, visiting girls perfume stores out of desperation and eating their 18th Burger King all from the comfort of your little squishy chair. Especially now with DS Wi-fi and the PSPGO’s online capabilities, the entertainment possibilities are endless!

#1 – In Bed.

Not adventurous by any means, but there’s no disputing guys that playing a portable console in bed is the king of kings. It can be a cure at times for those suffering with insomnia, and for others – a beautiful burst of energy to wake up to in the mornings. Propping up some pillows and sitting comfortably in a squishy, soft, cuddly bed – alone or with a partner, seems to me to be the most perfect setting for gaming in the world.

I understand these current generations of games consoles now come with wireless controllers, which can turn on and off the console from wherever you fancy within a certain radius of the machine. Turning it on from your bed, perhaps, is a great idea – and may seem to defeat the object of portably gaming in the sack. However, whether the text is too small onscreen, or you’re not propped up comfortably enough and stopping to adjust will result in your death, are some of the many problems you can and most likely will face under these circumstances.

Nothing beats the close proximity of a portable console, watching movies, surfing the net, kicking a ball into a goal or keeping a beat within a rhythm – these things really are made for private, portable entertainment, and will keep you entertained for an endless amount of hours as you settle down into a comfy bed with your head drilled softly in to a sexy pillow.

Definitely deserves number #1 in my book. Thanks for reading guys.

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