Kineticist Class Revealed for Insomniac’s Oculus Touch Game The Unspoken

on December 2, 2016 4:07 PM

Insomniac Games revealed the Kineticist class for The Unspoken today.

The Unspoken is an Oculus Touch-enabled action game which grants you magical abilities. Players will be able to shift the world around them in “an urban magic fight club.”

This class, or as they are called in The Unspoken “Astral Form”, gives you the following Primal Spells to master:

  • Telekinesis: Lift and redirect ambient objects
  • Telekinetic Shield: Repel opponent attacks

For this class, embers energize three Arcane Gesture Spells:

  • With a push gesture, attract detritus to ready a Debris Scatter, then project it outward in a concentrated cone of shrapnel. Charge up, then cast Debris Scatter at close range to damage an opponent with every deadly shard.
  • With a volley gesture, levitate a Mass Drop of automobiles to damage your enemy from above. The initial pose directs one car to your opponent; hold the pose to raise cars above up to three pedestals, selected by your gaze. Drop your arms with force for a higher-damage attack.
  • With a guard gesture, form a Force Bubble to repulse enemy spells. Cast quickly to counter, or hold the crossed-arm pose to generate a larger, more durable bubble.

You can watch the trailer and look at an image of the Kineticist below. The Unspoken will launch with the Oculus Touch on December 6.


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