The Vent: Accusers

In the gaming world, there are a few who have the skills of a gaming prodigy, a god of gaming if you will. They are unique with their skills, always overpowering their opponents. Some of them are egotistical, and some celebrate in silence. They make their names known and gamers are aware of their existence.  Most of us in the world are oblivious to the prowess these gamers hold. How do most of us react when faced against an opponent as great as a god, when we are sure in ourselves that they are just mortal? We accuse, having this firm belief that they must have bested us by some sort of illegal contraption. The worst part about it is that these accusers do not know when to stop running their mouths.

Let’s accept the truth. There is always someone better at you in a particular game in this world. Don’t try to deny it, unless you looked at the leader boards and there stands your name at the number one spot. There’s a good chance you’re not up there, or remotely close to number one. I just love to hear the gamers in the matchmaking room mouth off how great they are and how they are going to annihilate us all in the game, just for them to realize by the end of the game, they lost and probably had one of the worst stats. I believe we all know what the outcome of this is going to be. After the match, as we are waiting in the lobby, he’ll stay stuff like “I wasn’t paying attention, or I was on the phone”. But when he loses to someone who was way better than him, his responses change, as expected. Here’s a few examples:

“You were modding!”

“There was no way I could have died that many times by you.”

“How did you know where I was hiding? There was no way, unless you cheated!”

“You lagged the whole time!”

I could go on with more things these pricks would say, but we’ll be here forever. Everyone goes through a hard time when hearing these guys complain. They can’t handle the fact that they lost fair and square. How do you think it makes the guy who the accuser is yelling at feel? Really I don’t think the gamer god gives two shits; he knows he is great, and to hear it from some scum is like a slight itch between his legs.

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The issue with the accuser is whether he is right or wrong to the person he is accusing. Who knows, the so called ‘god’ could actually be a devil, modding and lagging his way through victory.The funny part is how no one else on the accuser’s team ever notices or complains. It’s usually just that one asshole. If someone else has also witnessed the “devil” at work, then the accuser’s rant would seem more logical. But usually he’s by himself, and his ranting makes him look like a hobo announcing the world is going to end by the hand of monkeys.

Hey accusers out there, here’s a way to solve all of your problems! To put it simply, don’t move your mouths, and keep them still for the entire time you play games, and that way we could all play in peace. Gag your mouth if you need to. If you believe someone is lagging then leave the match and don’t play with them. It’s only going to get your mouth motoring faster. Now if you were hiding, and it seems that this gaming god knows where you are every time, that’s because he actually knows where people hide. Remember children, online gaming gods can see all, no matter where you are.You think your hiding spot is unique? Come on! You and 500,000 think the same thing everyday. When I play a FPS like COd4, I look for the common hiding spots, and I usually kill them just to get bitched by them after the match. I know I am not a god of gaming, but it makes me feel good when I get accused of being better than them. It makes me all warm inside. We all live in an egotistical society, and therefore play like one.

The Vent is closed for this week. Please if you have anything that pisses you off in the gaming world, let me know, so I can agree to my full extent with you. Who knows, if you have an idea for a Vent topic, let me know, and it could be up the next time I wake from my mini coma.

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