The Vent: Lagging

By Brendan Ecock

October 6, 2009

It has come to my attention that this should have been my first article ever to be written on The Vent. I believe this is what pisses all gamers off to an extent far beyond imagination. Lagging is everywhere, from electrical to real life. In real life, not coming up with a frakking thought, or just smoking the peace pipe will continuously skip you through your day. In the gaming world, our world, it is part of our everyday suicide machine, a big reason as to why we want to kill something after our day of gaming is over. Let’s face it people, lag will always stay in our hearts and thoughts like a bad case of herpes. 

Everyone has witnessed lag in some form or another in their gaming career, either in shooters or fantasy game play. You are sitting at a great sniping perch, no one knows you even exist as you see your target just standing there, helpless with his pants down. You steady your aim and as you fire, you have an expectation. As the bullet is traveling through the air you expect it to pierce through some fleshy piece of God’s creation, at this point you don’t care what you kill, ally or foe. Just when you know it is about to hit, the target disappears and reappears 50 feet from where he was standing. At that moment a few reactions occur; either you keep playing while screaming your ‘bad word alphabets’ (Asshole, Bullcrap, Crap,etc.), turn the game off and pretend your hand is a mouth, or induce pain upon yourself to get your mind off what just occurred.

There’s really nothing we can do to prevent lag because nothing in this world is perfect. There are no perfect servers, no perfect routers, and no perfect gaming consoles. But still I can point my finger at a few, blaming them for my overall stress level for being too high, as said by my doctors. For starters, people with bad routers, (and you know who you are because you always get lag when you play) either buy yourself a better router, or stop playing online. Why did you buy a $20 wireless router at the thrift store? Make sure it is either a level N or G router, or else it will suck, period. Wireless routers get me a little aggravated as well. If you have a wireless router, and your strength connection says 35%, and you think that means it has a great connection, come see me. I have two fists here that want to have a chat with your face. If you are always lagging because of your connection, have you ever though about moving the system or router closer to each other (Oh snap!)?

I’m just saying that even though the lagging will always be in our world,  there are ways to prevent some of it from happening. If that means that the cheap assholes out there have to get a better router for their systems, then by God that is what everyone should start doing like right now. Let’s band together nip this problem in the butt.

Once again, sadly, The Vent is closed until next week. If anyone wants to share their thoughts about their gaming lives, or has ideas they want me to talk about what pisses you off in the gaming world, let me know, and I’ll get right on it. Don’t lag out guys!

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