The Vent: Modded Controllers

The Vent: Modded Controllers

Since I am a person who usually gets ticked off from everyday things, I thought it would be best to talk to the people about what troubles me, so they can relate to my problems. This is The Vent, a place where we all can share what bothers us in the gaming world, from minor, to monstrous issues. Since this is a weekly issue, let me start with an annoyance that’s been around for awhile, modded controllers.

Why do you gamers use modded controllers? It’s sickening, the fact that you are ruining everyone’s good time online. Don’t think we do not notice, it’s a dead giveaway when you are using one. Let me stop for a minute before I really ramp it up; to some gamers out there, modded controllers, just the way it sounds, are used in shooters and fighting games to help them overpower their enemies, to give them an edge and a fighting chance to win. Let’s use Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare, for example. Someone is using a G3, and we all know it is a single shot gun, where you constantly have to press the fire button to shoot. You modders could just hold the shoot button down and out comes a stream of perfect G3 bullets, killing everyone in its path. They also use it for Desert Eagles, and single shot sniper rifles too. For fighting games, like Street Fighter, modders could hold a certain button down and they could throw a fury of punches and kicks where we “fair players” have to use our fingers to try and win. Uhg I am already annoyed with this subject, but the rant must go on.

Two days ago at work an 11 year old comes up to me at Best Buy and asks me, “Do you have any modded controllers for sale?” Wow I could not believe my eyes and ears, a little one has heard the sins of the games and now wants to share his evil ways to the gaming world. I should have punched that kid right in the face, but I would be promoting something  I would regret in the future. I simply told him “no, those are considered illegal and unlawful in the gaming world, and for whoever would use it, superman will come and he will punish them.” He just cursed at me and said “I can’t wait to use one on you on XBOX Live”. What the hell was that?

It has come to my attention that you modders are tainting our future gamers. It’s your wrongdoings that let them think they can do wrong as well. What’s worst than a modder, is a modder who has a huge ego. After a lousy game of COD4, after three modders killed me relentlessly, during intermission one of them said “yea boys, no one could defeat me with my skill that I have with this game”. I just wished I could stick my hands in the TV and strangle whoever said that. What skill could you possible have if you have a modded controller? By having a modded controller, you cheat, and cheating is not a skill last time I checked. By using a controller like that, has it dumbed you down even more than it should have? As someone wise told me, “When you have a huge ego, your brain gets really hungry and starts to eat itself,” and that totally relates to egotistical modded bastards. To all the modders of the world out there, let me make this clear for you. For people who use it against others excluding computer a.i., you guys are scum on my shoe. You are the same as me stepping on ten year old gum on the ground, not even thinking twice on what I stepped on. You shame the gaming world, and you shame the name of “fair fight”.  To everyone who is thinking of getting one, don’t let the already accused taint your good nature of gaming. Just deal with them for now, as their punishment will soon come, for games like COD Modern Warfare 2, and many more in the future, will have ways to find and crack down cheaters like them. And when they do, we could all smile and kick the crap out of each other on an equal playing field. Smell that? That smell is retribution and it’s time for our share of the pie.

The Vent has stopped venting heat for now, but if anyone has issues that they wish to share with what happened to them this week in the gaming world, feel free to post a comment, and I will get angry with you. No modders allowed, you cheaters!

6 responses to “The Vent: Modded Controllers”

  1. ToneCapone says:

    I feel you, I play Halo 3 and i ran into these modders. I really hate the fact that when the game ends they run there mouth off when everyone in the lobby knows they cheated. But soon the banhammer will fall and i will have the last laugh.

  2. Brendan Ecock says:

    We will have the last laugh, as we bathe in their blood…bit much? I don’t think so.

  3. jukins says:

    yea while it may not be considered a mod another game where i think it ruins the game is street fighter Iv whether w/ an arcade stick w/ turbo buttons or an actual modded controller. it takes no skill and gives an advantage when you just hold down a button and basically wiggle the stick (basically what sfIV moves are) or even just sitting there holding the button constanly punching or kicking. hopefully the console makers put in something to stop this in the future since none of the console makers themselves manufacture any “turbo” controllers

  4. brion says:

    17 and 0 is awesome. 17 and 0 and then being team killed by your “friend” (and i stress those quotations) sucks. im gonna bathe in your blood brendan…. and then im gonna eat a moon pie.

  5. Brendan Ecock says:

    First of all, what is this moon pie you speak of? Second, did you think I killed you on purpose? Better yet, did you think I killed you on purpose with a modded controller? Didn’t think so.

  6. It’s called The Vent for a reason.I don’t think you are supposed to be calm here. Sure it is a video game, but as an advent video gamer, when you know you are good at something, but someone does better than you because they cheat at it, would you be calm?

    If you were applying for a job, and everyone in the interviewing waiting room had an equal chance to get the position but then the boss gives a job to his friend’s son, even though he is not qualified. Would you be ok with that? It’s just life.