The Vent: Online Ventors?

After the NYAF this weekend, I was in a mood of extreme content. I had no bad blood in my system, nothing to get me upset. But then, I come home and turn on a game of Halo 3, being that is what I will be doing most of my life until I get fed up with ODST. It’s back to reality I must say, killing, the lagging in return getting killed, and the team kills. But on this week’s The Vent, it is those pricks, those craps on a stick that bad mouth and scream in their microphones every minute of the match about their shitty teammates.

Mind you, I am really good at games in which I actually enjoy playing. I rarely get yelled at by a teammate unless I had a bad day. But still, if I were to get yelled at, it should be in an email, or a one-on-one conversation. I do not need to hear it from them the entire match I play. You know how annoying their retarded comments get? Good news for me, the example I am about to use did not involve me, not exactly. As I was playing Halo 3, there was a teammate of mine who was pretty bad. I had about 18 kills and he had only 4. Of course I was upset when I lost, but I didn’t say anything because I still have some dignity in my pocket. Although I did not say a thing during the match, there was ‘the prick’, mouthing off everything and anything he could at this poor schmo, who at least tried to win. He was screaming, cursing, and even grunting. Does everyone else on the team need to hear what this guy says to the other? Hello no! Sure I could mute him, but that takes time out of my way when I am in a match.

The worst is when the one receiving the abuse responds and gives the assaulter a piece of his mind. Now I have to hear a war of idiotic comebacks in my ears? I have to admit, sometimes I feel as though I am at a show, watching two monkeys throw shit at each other. Look, I know you guys who vent over their mics from a lousy game forget that there are other people who could hear you, and would like you to be silent. When you get upset and rant like that, we as a group get upset and devise ways in our heads on how to make your life miserable.

It has come to my attention that when I play and hear these assholes complain to others, I have done better than they did in the game. In the Halo 3 match, I had 18 kills, but the one who complained only got 8. Who has the right to complain there? He sucked the big one just as much as the guy with 4. I should have been the only one to complain about my team, about how lousy they were, not this guy. If I don’t complain, no one gets a chance to. Just zip it, keep your cool and your honor. If you need to fight, take it to a one on one match and settle it there, where we don’t have to be a part of it, at least not have to hear any of it.

Another week, another Vent has been laid out for the fans. If you gents and ladies have any issues of your own and would like to discuss it in the comments section, go right ahead, speak your mind, and we’ll get back to you after the sound of the beep.

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