The Vent: Postponement

There are times in my gaming life that make me think about my reality, the business reality, and as I think, I just get confused. How come there are companies out there with huge brass balls to come up with an idea, a schedule, marketing techniques, and even a release date, when all that was told to me was a lie?

Let’s look at a situation so you all can relate to what I am pondering. You have been waiting for a release of a game. It was one of those highly anticipated games of the year for you, and you just want it so bad it was as though it was crack. Behold the producers of the game have released a scheduled date for its release, and you shit your pants and mark it on the calendar with your dirty finger. Days, months, even seasons go by until the day is almost near so you can own that delicious game. But then you hear word that your awaited game just made you have to sit on your ass more without it because for some reason, either the game was not finished in time, or the developers made a boo boo. Doesn’t that just cringe your teeth?

We can relate this to many anticipated games, like Bioshock 2 or Starcraft 2, especially that last one, because if there was a God who loved us out there, he wouldn’t let Blizzard push that release date back for that game over and over and over. He would have smote them already. Besides the point, what are these issues that creators have that force them to push the release date back. I know they aren’t partying with the girls every night, being the nerds they are, so there has to be some legitimate excuse. It could be the fact that the producers either left the developers on their own to suffer, which I think was the issue with the Ghostbusters game. Maybe their are certain activists or civil rights group who thinks some games out there are worth spending their precious time for and try to ban it and make us gamers want to go out there and beat the shit out of anyone who was holding a protest banner. It could simply be the fact that they shot for real high expectations, with real egos, as they expected to get done with the game a lot sooner than the average developers would have taken to complete a game.

Whatever the crappy reason is, there is a simple solution. Do not, for any reason, give us a release date way in advance , if there is any doubt in your minds that this game might not get completed in time. If anyone asks for the release date, don’t get crazy and blurt it out, just take a deep breath, exhale, and say “soon”. A good idea is to at least give us the season in which the game will be released. That is a four month radius in which most gamers can live with. Once the game is upon completion then give us the release date, so we can love you again and most likely can’t think of another way to hate you developers. This way there can’t practically be any reason to prolong the game any further from that released schedule. That being said, Vent closed.

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Brendan Ecock

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