The Vent: Spawn Kills

Ever wonder how your blood pressure can go up 20 points in one sitting? I was thinking about it as I was playing Call Of Duty: World At War. I got killed by my own grenade, because if anyone was going to kill me, it was going to be me. But as I re-spawned, Boom! I fall to the floor again, no chance to even breathe in some good air. I thought it was a glitch, or maybe it was a lucky shot, but of course, I was wrong yet again. Spawn killing, a gamers favorite past time, needs to stop.

We all know that games are not perfect. I for one certainly support that statement. Even more, I support the statement that the multiplayer  mode is never perfect. “Screw you” to the people who think that it is. There are always flaws to them, whether being controls, lag, poor servers, horrible ranking systems, unfair match ups, etc.  But the icing on the cake has to be spawn kills. My argument for the case is that there are ways to handle all the other flaws in multiplayer mode; if you have a problem while playing, most likely others are dealing with the same issue as well. It is just a matter as to who copes with it faster. You can’t cope with spawn killing, only the aftermath of it, which is screaming at the television so the person who killed you could hear, or just completely shutting down, not caring what happens to you anymore, because you can’t win.

There are two types of spawn kills, which I have noticed. One is the horrible spawn posts that the game creators established into the game. This goes for many games like Halo, Call of Duty 4 and 5, Killzone 2, etc. Either you have certain spawn posts throughout each map, which doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they all are. An enemy could just sit at a spawn point and just wait for you to be revived so he can gun you down once again. Sounds totally fair right, because you definitely had the sporting chance to defend yourself. The other type of spawn posts is spawning right near an ally who is still alive, and most likely about to be sniped by an enemy. Take Halo 3 for example, as I am the sniper following my enemy to get the best shot I can, I see one of his allies pop right up in back of him. Lucky for me as I can sear both of them in the face with my bullets, but it doesn’t make me a better player.

The other type of spawn kill is the random spawn points certain games have, which I won’t give any names (Cough* Call of Duty WAW). That is the worst I have ever seen spawn killing ever taking place in a game. It is so bad it is atrocious. You get spawned so randomly, it takes you a second to figure out where you are, but right after you turn a corner, there is an enemy camping, waving hello with his gun. It seems the spawning in that game makes you spawn closer yo your enemies than to your allies. If you died ten times in that game, I bet you seven times were due to spawn kills, unless you just suck at the game.

Usually I come up with a remedy to relieve our pain with the problems we all face with, but I got nothing on this one. The only thing I could say is that game developers better fix their spawning problems for the games in the future, or else I will smote you all back to the stone ages. This is ridiculous, and many people wonder why aneurysms occur. This is why, and I will be supporting the “Aneurysms for the Spawn Killed Foundation” . A dollar a day goes a long way.

The Vent is done for this week. If you guys have any issues with spawn kills as much as myself, feel free to write. If you want to see me write something with one of your ideas for next week, let us know.

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Brendan Ecock

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