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The Walking Dead’s Lee and Clem Brilliantly Cosplayed by Father and Daughter

Super wholesome content incoming...

Telltale’s The Walking Dead has been a beloved part of many gamer’s life since being released episodically between April and November 2012. Even though the awful demise of TellTale Games took the gaming community by shock in September 2018, people still hold a special place in their hearts for the characters Clementine and Lee. After losing the people closest to her, Clementine becomes hardened in her outlook, but still bravely overcomes the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world head-on and tries her best to maintain some of her previous faith in humanity, hanging on to what her father figure Lee has taught her. What could be a more appropriate way to honor this pair than a real-life father and daughter cosplaying as the unstoppable duo?

Welcome into the DualShockers cosplaying family Lex, a Black and Chinese trans-non binary cosplayer, actor, and musician from Vancouver who after years of being told that Lex and their father should cosplay as Lee and Clem, they finally bit the bullet and what an amazing end result. To achieve this look, Lex firstly dyed a bunch of clothes to make it look as dirty as possible because hey, it’s the apocalypse after all. Regarding any cosplaying that comes from games such as The Walking Dead or Borderlands, cell-shading is key so Lex painted along anywhere that had a seam or crease in the garments. Of course, with all the zombie killing there has to be blood at least somewhere on the clothes, too. You can check out Lex’s video below on how they made Lee’s clothes for the cosplay.

Lex also describes what goes into Lee’s makeup. In a tutorial video, we can see Lex’s father sitting patiently about to get his Walking Dead makeover applied, and to do this Lex slaps some foundation on to highlight his face with a little contouring thrown in for good measure. Next Lex again highlights their father’s features to make them stand out and to give it that cel-shading vibe, adding in also Lee’s stubble beard. Like Lee’s clothes, Lex applies some dirt and dried blood to his face and hands using Skin Illustrator’s zombie palette that has been used on movies like Dawn of The Dead (2004). To finish it all off, Lex sprays their dad with setting spray so that all the makeup stays in one place (hopefully). You can check out how Lex’s father achieved “the Lee” look in the video below which also includes some more cosplay pictures of the adorable duo towards the end.

Just look at these two! Here we see Lex as a child and their father on what looks to be Christmas morning and below that, Lex and their father as Lee and Clementine. It’s pretty clear that these two have a great relationship and it’s brilliant to see families get together to celebrate cosplaying but most of all, creating special lifetime moments that can always be looked back on.

You can follow Lex and their cosplaying adventures over on Instagram and also Twitter where you will see Lex dress up as other characters like Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia, Cassandra from Dragon Age, Ellie from The Last of Us plus many, many more.

If you fancy a worthwhile game to play on your PSVR, maybe you’d like to give this year’s release of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners a go. Our very own Allisa James got to check out the game last fall and shared her impressions on Saints & Sinners as a VR-driven first-person experience. If you enjoyed Lex’s cosplaying endeavours, check out this article on Alexandra Seryogina who steps into the shoes of Clementine from TellTale’s The Walking Dead with so much accuracy you’ll almost think it’s Clem herself!

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series which includes all four seasons including updated visuals for seasons one, two, and three is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can purchase the Definitive Series over on Amazon.

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