The Walking Dead TV Show and Video Game Crossover Seemingly a Possibility

on February 10, 2014 2:05 PM

Both spawned from The Walking Dead graphic novel; the video game, developed by Telltale Games, and the television show, aired on AMC, have both featured different characters and storylines, with very little crossed over between them. The possibility of other characters from the video game appearing in the television show remains a possibility however, as The Walking Dead‘s producers recently made a reference to the video game in a recent episode with a nod to Macon, Georgia.

“That door is always open for us, though whether or not we step through it remains a big question. I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil anything cool like that if we had it coming up,” Show Creator Robert Kirkman told Wired, “Scott Gimple, our showrunner, is certainly a huge fan of that game series as well and very familiar with it. That was a little nod to those fans, to let them know that we’re aware of the greater Walking Dead universe. It’s always fun to come up with those little things.”

Episode Two of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead will be released soon. AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently in its fourth (and a half) season.

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