The War Thunder Franchise Flies to the PS4, Teases Ground Forces

The War Thunder Franchise Flies to the PS4, Teases Ground Forces

The War Thunder Franchise is already quite popular between PC gamers with its MMO air combat simulator War Thunder: World of Planes, especially due to the variety of gameplay and to the fairly realistic approach to physics and dogfights, not to mention its beautiful graphics.

War Thunder: World of Planes is currently in open beta and already counts 1.5 million player, but looks like Gaijin Entertainment is aiming for a wider market. Today the Russian publisher announced that the franchise is going to be released on PS4.

According to the press release the PS4 version the power of PS4 will allow developers to implement “improved head-tracking system, easier socializing tools, smart and easy options to record, stream and share homemade gameplay videos and will have full support of PlayStation Cloud”

Gaijin Entertainment Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev made a statement to go with the announcement:

We’re convinced that our cooperation with Sony will not only make the War Thunder franchise better, but it will give our fans a new level of gaming experience that will figuratively blow their mind. Partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment is the most natural progression for the War Thunder brand, from our hugely successful beginnings on PC with more than 1.5 million players, to our recent announcement that War Thunder is under development for mobile devices. We are excited to bring War Thunder to the leading next-generation platform, the PS4.

In addition to the PS4 announcement Gaijin also shared something that will excite quite a lot of PC gamers: the teaser trailer of War Thunder: Ground Forces, that will finally bring land warfare to the franchise. You can check it out below.