The Watchmaker Demo Releases and Kickstarter Project Launches

The Watchmaker Demo Releases and Kickstarter Project Launches

Developer Micropsia Games has announced that its puzzle-adventure game The Watchmaker is officially on Kickstarter and that a demo is now available on Steam.

Puzzle-adventure title The Watchmaker by Micropsia Games puts players in the shoes of Alexander, as he must traverse and repair his steampunk world of giant clocks in order to prevent time from running out. The game may not be releasing until later this year, but Micropsia has released a demo for players to test, and it has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign.

Micropsia’s Kickstarter goal is to hit $30,000.00 by May 5 in order to bring the game to consoles. As of writing this, the team is at $1,720.00.

Determined to save the clock tower he has dedicated his life toward maintaining, Alexander’s age ticks away as he battles the obstacles that stand in the way of salvation and discovery. The Watchmaker‘s key gameplay features are as follows:

  • Steampunk puzzle-adventure set in 5 extensive locations
  • Diverse gameplay, with a mixture of exploration, puzzles, platforming action and boss fights
  • Environmental puzzles and special gadgets to solve them, such as magnetic gloves and time bombs
  • Unique aging process that replaces the usual health bar

If you’re interested in downloading the demo, it’s available on Steam today.

The Watchmaker is expected to release on PC in Q3 2017, as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should the Kickstarter be successful. For more information, visit the developer’s website, check out its Kickstarter campaign, or maybe just take a look at the trailer below.