The Wheel of Time Episode 4 Release Date, Time, & Recap

The next episode is titled "The Dragon Reborn."

November 24, 2021

The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time came out last week on Amazon Prime Video. Now, everyone is looking forward to the release of Episode 4.

The Wheel of Time is one of the biggest TV shows to arrive on Prime Video in 2021. Produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios, the show was announced in 2017, with most of the cast being announced in 2019.

Ever since the show was announced, fans familiar with Robert Jordan’s novel series wanted to see what Amazon’s adaptation has to offer. Well, the first three episodes surely didn’t disappoint, and now, fans are waiting for the next episode.

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When Does The Wheel of Time Episode 4 Come Out?

The Wheel of Time Episode 4, titled “The Dragon Reborn,” is confirmed to release worldwide next week on Friday, November 26th, 2021, at 12 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Of course, the release date and time for the upcoming episode will vary depending on your region. So, to clear up the confusion here’s the exact release time of Episode 4 for these regions:

  • Pacific Timing: 4 PM PST (November 25)
  • Central Timing: 6 PM CST (November 25)
  • Eastern Timing: 7 PM EST (November 25)
  • British Timing: 1 AM BST (November 26)

Amazon released the first three episodes of the show at the premiere; however, the show will follow a weekly release schedule moving forward.

Also, Season 1 of the series will feature eight episodes, so we’ll be left with four more episodes to look forward to after this week’s episode.

The Wheel of Time Premiere Recap

The first episode of The Wheel of Time starts with Moiraine and her Warder reaching Two Rivers, a small village in the mountains. The member of the Aes Sedai realizes that the reincarnation of the Dragon is someone in this village.

In the town, we meet Rand, Perrin, Edwene, Mat, and Nynaeve. Of course, Moiraine thinks that one of the four kids is the Dragon Reborn, who can save the world by defeating the Dark One.

Unfortunately, before Moiraine could do anything, the army of Trollocs destroys the village killing several people. During the fight, Perrin loses control of himself and accidentally kills his wife; however, he lets everyone think that it was Trollocs who took her life. Between all this chaos, Egwene also sees a Trolloc dragging Nynaeve to her demise, making everyone believe that the healer is dead.

After defeating the first wave of Trollocs, Moiraine asks Rand, Perrin, Edwene, and Mat to come with her to the White Tower. The four kids decide to accompany her to save the rest of their village from another wave of Trollocs army that’s only after them.

Even after travelling for days and nights, Moiraine and others could not leave the Trollocs army behind. On their way, the group also meets Children of the Light, who’ll kill everyone associated with the Dark One and One Power. Moraine, who’s still injured from her fight in the Two Rivers, somehow convinces White Cloaks that she’s not an Aes Sedai.

Unfortunately, Moiraine’s sickness finally gets to get to her, and she loses consciousness in the middle of the night. To make things worse, the Trollocs Army catches up to them, and to save their lives, the group enters Shadar Logoth, a city that’s cursed by an evil called Mashadar. The good thing is that even Trollocs refuses to enter the ground of Shadar Logoth. At first, no one sees any evil lurking in the city, but soon, a dark shadow engulfs the entire town, forcing the group to split in order to escape.

On one side, we save Egwene and Perill, who find a group of travellers taking care of them. And on the other side, you have Rand and Mat, who find a place to lay low by working for Dana. While Rand works hard to get on the good side of Dana, Mat roams around the city and interacts with Thom Merrilin. Mat wants to grab some jewels off a dead soldier’s body, and Thom surprisingly intends to bury the same soldier. So, they both help each other out.

Just when all seems to go around well, Dana reveals that she’s on the side of the Dark One. In fact, she calls the Dark One’s army and tries to stop Rand and Mat from escaping. Surprisingly, Thom Merrilin kills Dana and asks the boys to come with him.

At this point, we find out that Nynaeve killed the Trolloc who captured her, and she tracked the group from the village. However, instead of her friends, she finds an unconscious Moiraine and her Warder. Eventually, she agrees to help Moiraine so that she can find her friends. However, Moiraine’s wound has gotten worse, so the Warder takes Nynaeve and Moiraine to Liandrin. The red-ringed Aes Sedai is holding a man prisoner, who claims to be the Dragon Reborn.

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